Monday, 21 March 2016

A post about love (!!!)

Now, I am not THAT kind of blogger / writer. I would usually refrain from blogging or writing about love or motherly emotions or any kind of f e e l i n g s. It reminds me of a scene from Everybody Loves Raymond, which, to my mind, was more of a reality show than some reality shows. In that scene, as the newly married couple Robert and Amy indulge in PDA, their seniors Ray and Debra look at each other with Debra finally saying "Remember when we were that stupid?"

But that doesn't mean I haven't had those feelings....hell, yeah I have. The wonderful thing about love is that it is capable of dominating bloody well all other feelings. I have experienced love to completely overcome fear. It can make you forget that this would be a situation in which normal people (read, those who have grown out of love) may experience fear.

In many cases involving love, one can feel one's resilience rise to an incredible level. The extent to which your mind can process things or events without reacting increases dramatically. I have seen love bring assertiveness out of an otherwise introvert person, and establishing stability over an otherwise impulsive one. 

If this capability of love, to change the innate nature of a person and to overpower other emotions were to be used in an advantageous manner, there can be tremendous achievements. But fortunately or unfortunately, where love is involved, there aren't any considerations of advantage / disadvantage. It is therefore left to destiny to bring out the best out of love. So here's wishing luck to be added to the power of love.....

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