Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Do we really need the noise?

I'm going to begin this post with a chapter out of mythology - I'll call it that though quite a few believe that everything in the Mahabharat really happened. 

Everyone knows - or maybe most of us know that Kunti, the mother of the five pandavas and Karna, had a blessing from Sage Durvasa, because of which she was able to call any of the devatas on earth. Most of us believe that this was because Kunti served the sage really well during his visit. However, from what I have read, it actually began with the welcome of the sage.

The moment Kuntibhoj (Kunti's father, the king) came to know that Sage Durvasa was visiting the kingdom, panic set in. Durvasa was known for his quick temper and one mistake was enough to get a curse. Kuntibhoj busied his people in the preparations for welcoming the sage. He was planning a massive party of dhol, nagara, aarti etc. Kunti, on the other hand, had a different idea. She asked him not to engage the noisy musical instruments. Instead, she recommended, create an atmosphere which would make one feel calm, peaceful, rested. The idea was accepted, and Durvasa set his foot into the kingdom which was decorated with beautiful flowers. The roads were scented and there was a slow, soft dhun of the omkar being sung in beautiful voices. It took away the tiredness of his travel. The ire, for which he was known so much, simply dissolved.

Coming back to reality, lets come out of the noisy Ganesh Aarti for the moment. Close our eyes and imagine ourselves surrounded by grass and flowers, sweet fragrances, peace, quiet. Now tell me, do we really need the noise to enjoy the festivities of the mind?

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