Friday, 15 June 2012

Choose action in thought vs. action

This is of course, my first blog post. And like many bloggers, I put a title which immediately came to my mind - choose action in thought vs. action.

Yeah I know what you're going to tell me - what's the use of mindless action? It will only make you regret later after the act is done. But its here that I am reminded of a scene from the movie "Karma" where Anil Kapoor is grinning over Dilip Kumar's advise that you need to think before you shoot. He just proceeds to say "Budhaoo keh riya hai, pehle socho, samjho, phir goli chalaao - arrey tab tak to dushman goli maar ke chalaa jaayega - marvaaega budhaoo". Ha ha, but yes, there are "reflex action" circumstances in life where the act is required before the thought even flows through the brain.

I am also reminded of a short course I attended in human relations where it was discussed that actions follow feelings. So if you regulate the actions which are more directly under your control than the feelings, the feelings fall in line. So there you are - one more argument in favour of action.

Action was also backed in one of the 'linkedin' articles I read, which sort of advised that in uncertain business atmosphere, the best strategy is to "Act" on what seems the best course and then try to increase the gains or minimise the losses, rather than to sit and wait for the atmosphere to become favourable for action. Now I don't know how sound a business advice that is, but it seems logical.

And last but not the least, this blog post is a result of action - I acted, and the thoughts started flowing........


A woman of action


  1. Good one, action woman! Lagaa daal

  2. Feelings and action are best friends as they move together , again sub-actions (like reflex are instant, and which takes over the action to minimize the reaction )....
    Good woman ..
    Let action flow .........