Thursday, 28 June 2012

Our "world" - people sense, people awareness

My two year old was asking to see the usual Disney stuff on Youtube when we landed on 'A whole new world' from Aladdin. I was reminded of the beautiful song I heard in my teens and played it for her. She immediately pointed her index finger to the screen and said "Mommy - Daddy". Wow! So she thought Mommy and Daddy look like Jasmine and Aladdin?!!! Or maybe there was a bigger compliment involved here - maybe she meant to say "Mommy and Daddy mean the world to me".

This brought a whole swarm of thoughts :

1. When did I last tell my parents they meant the world to me?

2. What, or rather Who, indeed means the "world" to me? and lastly,

3. How aware am I of the "world" around me?

This has nothing to do with philosophy and everything to do with a useful trait called people sense or people awareness - how much we recognise the presence of other people in our life, people around us.

Some people have this naturally. These are the people who will immediately rise to bring a glass of water when someone in the gathering coughs for long. Others, like me, need to be conditioned to acquire this trait. The Irish are born with it. They will need to say atleast a "Hi" to anyone who comes within a couple of arms length distance - how can you just ignore the presence of another person, whoever they are? If the technical sense of the Indians and the people sense of the Irish are combined into one person, he / she will most definitely be a genius.

So, maybe the next time we'll pop our busy heads out of our i-phones / i-pads / laptops or whatever, and try to be a little more aware of the "world" around us?


  1. soooooooooooper.............

    1. Thanks Gayathri. Its heartening to know people read what you write and even take the trouble to like it!!