Monday, 16 July 2012

Kahaani : Appearances are deceptive

Got to see this interesting movie only yesterday. (Ah! the joys of being a working mother!) Right from the helpless (?!!) pregnant lady looking for her husband, to the lame looking insurance agent who is in fact, a contract killer to the seemingly subdued junior police inspector, who actually turns out to be smarter than his boss, the movie screams this line : Appearances are deceptive. People might not always be what they seem.

And then, how often do we judge people based on the way they look? And how often do we change our appearance trying to make people think we are something, that we might not really be?

Years ago, I had got this worldly advise from a cousin of mine, who was obviously, mature beyond his years : Never underestimate anyone and never be over-impressed by anyone. Nice one that was. But despite having been given such wisdom, I do end up forming some impressions (better word than 'judgement', isn't it?) about people. I believe everybody does. We may or may not react to those impressions, but sort of can't help forming them. And these are of course, based on how we have lived and what we have seen and experienced until now.

So lets go some insight sharing here : If you were to meet a stranger today, what is something that would impress you - positively or negatively? What is something that will make you remember that person?

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