Wednesday, 8 May 2013

So, what's new?

That is probably the very next statement you hear, particularly on telephone conversations, after a Hi / Hello / How are you?

It just goes to show how humans, naturally, are fascinated by "new". New clothes, new films, new cuisines, new job, new relationships, new events et al.  (Remember the "Waah Sunilbaabu... naya ghar, nayi Mrs." ad?). We want to know something we don't already know - maybe that's why we keep tracking all the NEWs? (I'd ignore my information that it's actually an acronym for North East West South).

Given our attraction towards the 'new', its amazing how we can still continue to be the same, live in the same way, think in the same way - nothing new! If we were to do (read try) something new, if not every day (like our kids), atleast every week, we'd garner a wealth of experiences.

I have taken up walking in the mornings and / or at lunchtimes nowadays (need to lose weight or else might need a lot of 'new' loose clothes). Though the rain in Dublin gives me ample reasons to go back to sleep in the mornings, the last few days have had some 'new' and fresh sunshine, and below is what you get to see when you venture out at lunch times in St. Stephen's Green in Dublin on a sunny day.

It is a really refreshing walk. As for me, I can't help wanting to bring my little princess down here and sitting with her beside the duck pond. Just sitting there.

And today, since the sun is back playing hide and seek and alternating with the rain, I'm back to what I didn't do since last couple of months - blog. And that's refreshing too!

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