Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Direct Dil se.......

How often had I heard that the heart had a direct connection with creativity. In the past, when I wrote from my heart, it always touched some soul.

And yet, I don't know how I went on to become a calculative, practical, choose-brain-over-heart person. I stayed this way for a while.....until, of course, until he came along.

As I ended an intense argument with him on a technical matter, I realised I wanted to be defeated. Somebody had seemingly poured a drop of "amrut" on my heart and it broke out of my shell of realism like a tender sapling breaks the cover of earth to a realm of infinite possibility.

My brain went into an overdrive to stop me, exactly as some parents would want to stop their children from entering into risky ventures. It started screaming the 'you'll burn your fingers' warning over and over. But unfortunately for it, my heart was now alive. And despite all efforts from my brain, a wish escaped from my heart......the wish to have him, for life.

As I kept meeting him, I became aware that I also had a 'gut' feeling. This 'gut' was continuously telling me that this person is not who he seems - he is something extraordinary, someone who has capabilities far beyond those apparent.

And then I told him. I told him that my heart was screaming for him, with enough noise to blank out my brain's shouting. And he accepted.......

What more can I say! Seven years of life with him have proved I had a golden 'gut', atleast then. :)

This post is in response to the creative prompt for 'Wish List Wednesdays', posted by Preeti Shenoy on her blog ''. All the best for your forthcoming book, Preeti!

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