Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Thought Attack!

It's not often that this happens to me at night time. Mind you, I love my sleep. But last night, I again had what I would call a "thought attack" - when atleast five different thoughts, somewhere losely connected, or maybe not, attack at the same time. It started off with seeing the beginning of the movie 'The Social Network' and brought me to these thoughts:

- So many of these business ventures i.e. Facebook, Linkedin, Microsoft (and my friend added Infosys, as I spoke this thought) started in places like a backyard or a garage or something similarly un-business like;

- It must be correct that all great things start with an 'idea';

- So how to get this, this "idea" - would a logical consideration of options help?

- Probably not. Lateral thinking is the answer.

- Now what was that lateral thinking puzzle about the farmer's daughter having to select a black or white stone from the bag to avoid marrying the landlord?

So you see where I started off and where I ended? This is what happens in a thought attack. I shut off my mind with a Sherlock Holmes short story last night, but the 'lateral thinking' came back to haunt me again today. I checked out a few puzzles for lateral thinking (including the farmer's daughter one) and these seem quite interesting. Anyone having any real life experiences where they applied lateral thinking?

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