Thursday, 13 December 2012

Worldly wishes from a materialist soul.....

Yes, I do call myself a materialist and yes, still, I do have a "working" soul. A soul which shouted today morning, to give a little schoolgirl my bus seat - to which her dictator-of-a-mother refused.

But lets not digress, we need to talk here about my worldly wishes. As Preeti has mentioned, these need to be "things", and these need to be capable of being possessed (i.e. it can't be Harry Potter's magic wand, you know!)

So, here goes......or as my two and half year old would say "Here GO...."

The three things I badly wish I could have are........

1) A nice gleaming published copy of my miracle fiction book, the title and concept of which are very clear in my mind, but which does not have a single page written yet, for want of imagination and introspection time...actually, that is what the book will be about. (Preeti, your publishers are reading this, right?)

2) A letter from The Prize Bond Company Ltd. confirming that one of my bonds has won their EUR1 million prize.

3) Retainership agreements with five companies (I am not greedy) who wish to avail of my services. I can't disclose my field of work here, sorry.

And, maybe not badly, but I do wish to get Preeti's latest book - to be able to see how people can put their souls into imaginary bodies and make them do things.

This post is in response to the 'Wish List Wednesdays' creative prompt posted by Preeti Shenoy on


  1. great wishes... even the first two wishes are something even I would like to bless my life with :)