Friday, 4 January 2013

It's not done till it's done. :))

This post is in response to 'Wishlist Wednesday No.4' - hosted by Preeti Shenoy on her blog The creative prompt for this week is: I wish everyone loved.....   

Now, I'm not normally interested in other people's love lives. No, not even celebrities'. As long as people don't hurt any living beings, I'm fine with whatever they love.

But there are some attitudes, which, if installed in everyone, can change the way a person, family, organisation, country or the world functions.

So to answer the prompt, I wish everyone loved to finish the work they were doing, no matter how huge or how trivial. Just think, if people started focussing on completing the work at hand, if everybody put their share of bricks and mortar in, much better things would be built in no time. Mind you, I am not promoting completion of work without quality. Quality of work is important, but at the same time, completion is equally important.

Incomplete or half-hearted work, as we call it, will leave loose ends for others to pick up. And then, they can either make a mess of what you originally set out to achieve, or they can create something brilliant, to their credit, though the foundation was yours.

Take ample time to plan out whatever is required before you start working, and once you do start working, finish it.  If there are problems or obstacles in the middle, try to find a solution and do all you can to counter the obstacles. My maths teacher taught me this. I wasn't good at maths and I would bring problems to him saying I am not able to solve them. On one occassion he remarked "Unless you complete the problem to the extent where you get stuck and can't go further, I am not going to help you."  And still, how often we get defeated just by the sight of the problem and wait for a "maths teacher" to arrive, even before approaching the problem? If we do not apply our mind at all to the problems, we are never going to solve them.

Its only natural for the caterpillar to struggle against the cocoon and finally come out to be a butterfly. Once the cocoon is created, it can't sit inside forever.

Completing something small and saying "I've done it!" can give tremendous satisfaction - the kind which can never be received from initiating something big - and then leaving it half way.


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  1. Very nice thought indeed. If only we all would compelte what we started with!