Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Kuchh Khaas hai, ham sabhi mein......

Preeti's last writing prompt on the final Wishlist Wednesday on her blog immediately took me back to this superb Cadbury's ad of some time ago:

Kuchh khaas hai, ham sabhi mein,
Kuchh baat hai, ham sabhi mein,
Baat hai, khaas hai, kya swaad hai..... kya swaad hai, zindagi mein.

All of us have something which other people would like to have. All of us at some or other time in our lives, become someone other people would like to be - for however short a period of time. So also, everyone around us would have some good quality, which we might like to acquire. And the good thing is, you can acquire these without depriving them of it :)

So to answer the prompt,

I wish I could be like my Mom, when it comes to not wasting even a little bit of food by efficiently using it in some or other way before it spoils. She can conjure up incredibly tasty dishes by using left over bits, before it is spoiled.

I wish I could be like my Dad, when it comes to business acumen. To bring a business from a small home office to the level it is now, he must be knowing the inside out of it.

I wish I could be like my Husband, when it comes to patience and stability in dealing with circumstances. He is a perfect example of 'If you can keep your head when all about you, are losing theirs and blaming it on you'. (Please see the poem 'If' by Rudyard Kipling)

I wish I could be like my Mother in Law, when it comes to undivided, absolute dedication towards bringing up children. The manner in which she has brought up her children, despite the family circumstances, is nothing short of exemplary.

I wish I could be like my Daughter, when it comes to curiosity. As I mentioned in a previous post, every alternate sentence of hers is 'What's that'? Wonder why we loose this childlike curiosity when we grow up?

I wish I could be like my Boss, (yes, he too has something good) when it comes to using the perfect language in a negotiation. He can make a point of what he wants, and yet not make the opposite party feel like they have lost something.

And last but not the least, I wish I could continue to be like Me, when it comes to noticing the good qualities in people who surround me :)

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  1. Hi Komal..I wonder too, why we let go of our child-like curiosity? Maybe, sometimes because we dread the answers? do I follow your blog? can't see a tab anywhere..