Monday, 14 January 2013

Some thoughts which sprouted in 2012

I needed to finish this one before the end of this month, or else it would only be too outdated!!! Just like it would have happened to everyone, 2012 did leave me with some thoughts, feelings, experiences which I had not had previously. Below is some food for thought, which sprouted in 2012....and might possibly branch out in 2013 :)

1. Something should be in the pipeline.

Unless something - some new learning, some new experience, some new project is in process, you're not really living. It might be as simple a thing as figuring out a way to get your toddler to do something, rather than doing it yourself (if you're a parent, you know that this is a project in itself) or something not-so-simple, like figuring out a way to earn more money/reduce taxes/increase savings etc. etc. But something should be in process of being learnt and perfected, something should be in the pipleline.

2. Be curious.....

About people. I know people call this intrusive, but I think its fine as long as you're not piercing someone's personal space. Example - Asking "Where did you buy this dress from?" is perfectly normal and might even be seen as a compliment by someone. "Why are you wearing this sort of dress?" is not normal and will be seen as intrusive by most.

About events. Even those that might not be directly relevant to you. "Why is there a traffic jam delaying my return home?" is not really curiosity. What are the people protesting against, resulting in creating a traffic jam is a bit of curiosity. Why are they protesting, what were the events which led to this - is another level of curiosity.

About things. Every alternate sentence of my nearly three years old daughter is "What's that?" And when answered, she tries to repeat that word twice and can recall it at the most unexpected times. If you don't know what 'gangnam style' on your friend's facebook post means, google it and find out. Google can be an incredible curiosity feeder and generator.

3. Knowing your biggest limitation - may or may not be associated with fear.

In my case, it is not being able to pass the driving test and secure a full licence. Now, I am not afraid of driving. As one of my cousins remarked years before.... "she is the most confident driver I have seen. Whether or not she's good at driving is another question."   If not observed by anyone, I tend to drive pretty well, by the book, actually. But there seems to be this "rule-bound" way of being tested here, which I don't quite seem to be getting. In fairness, I trained and got my first licence in Ahmedabad, India. If you've lived there, you know how the driving discipline there is, if there is any. Lets see if I can conquer this one in 2013.

But my story apart, it pays to know what's that one thing stopping you, limiting you, making your life difficult. If you know this, you can dream of and work towards attacking it.....and conquering it.

What were your new thoughts, experiences in 2012? Please do share.


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